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First sighting of lightning bugs!!!!

3 Jun


Do surprises exist?

15 Feb

Yes, they do! Well jon finally got one. He was born on leap day and he is about 6 3/4 old. So since he rarely gets celebrated or gets to celebrate on his bday, I figured he deserved a surprise party with his closest pals near by. It was a success as u can see. It got snuggly sexy.

It’s 2011…bitches

1 Jan

So we made it. I will have to recap 2010 but for now I am going to celebrate! So stay tuned…

Frankie’s first beach experience!

27 Nov

So after our amazing breakfast at George’s, jon and I headed over to plum cove to introduce miss Franklin to the ocean and the ocean to miss Franklin. It was freezing cold and I think she only got a short glance at the water before she closed her eyes to go back to sleep. But for the second she did see the Atlantic, it seemed as if she was extremely happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy… It’s the Atlantic ocean in full effect! I’d say it was a successful day for our little fam.


24 Nov

Franklin’s first time in Boston has started out strong! The thanksgiving airport rush wasn’t too bad at 5am and jon made it through security, even though his beard makes him seem like some sort of threat. He was patted down and caressed on his inner thighs by a white haired man that he made feel terribly awkward. Leave it to jon to sexually harass a 70 year old man.
The first place we went was to George’s, my fav bfast spot north of philly. I was so overwhelmed by how good the food was, that I forgot to take a photo of Frankie freaking out over the smells and excitement of meeting her aunt alyssa.
Anyway, off to some more fun, more stories to come. Thanksgiving always has a million anecdotes.