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tubs as far as the eye can see

29 Nov

We went vintage shopping today and hit an architectural salvage place along the way. It was incredible and only a block from our place. Who even knew it was there?!


happy thanksgiving!

25 Nov

Our first date anniversary fell on thanksgiving this year. It reminded me of how thankful I am for my man and my sweet sweet babe. Family is the greatest and so was this turkey.


20 Nov

Frankie can’t really figure out how to wear glasses, but she sure does try hard.

winter is here!!!!

18 Nov

Well, sort of. It may not officially be winter, but I had to wear my fur hat this morning due to temperature in the low 30’s. So in my world, that means winter is upon us! I am loving it!

15 November, 2011 04:07

15 Nov

Frankie and I went to dc for the weekend. it was beautiful out!