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Pog Pile!

26 Jan

Who didn’t love pogs? i had the best slammer in ’94. It had an 8 ball ying yang on it. And it didn’t even matter that i didn’t know how to use it, all that mattered was that i had it! i may contact the World Pog Federation to find out what pog was/is about, but i’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist anymore.


Remember Orbitz?

26 Jan

Back in the day i used to love this stuff! It was probably really disgusting, but we all wanted to be so cool and do things so different. Or maybe that was just me. Either way, i dug this ish. just sayin. throw back beverages made of jelly slime, yes please.

It’s 2011…bitches

1 Jan

So we made it. I will have to recap 2010 but for now I am going to celebrate! So stay tuned…