Black Sheep = Ginormous Sandies

7 Nov

So far I think richmond is the pits. There are some cute things to do and see but for the most part I feel like I moved to the suburbs. (I’m not a suv, Costco, mini mansion kinda gal) Let’s just say I miss philly and my Fam like woa.
But what I will say about Richmond is this…. They have fab food!!!!!
This is a sandwich from the black sheep. It is called a battleship instead of a submarine. (I’m actually not sure which is bigger. I thought subs were ginormous?!) This sandie (sandwich in my language), is the U.S.S. Virginia. It is a two foot perfectly toasted baguette with fried chicken livers, cabbage, machintosh apples and a wildly zesty sauce. If you have ever watched man vs food, you’ve definitely seen this place.
Come visit and we will go here. The Cuban Ruban makes grown men cry with delight and wonder.


One Response to “Black Sheep = Ginormous Sandies”

  1. lisa November 11, 2010 at 9:00 pm #

    i want to visit, but i don’t like chicken livers!

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