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Frankie’s first beach experience!

27 Nov

So after our amazing breakfast at George’s, jon and I headed over to plum cove to introduce miss Franklin to the ocean and the ocean to miss Franklin. It was freezing cold and I think she only got a short glance at the water before she closed her eyes to go back to sleep. But for the second she did see the Atlantic, it seemed as if she was extremely happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy… It’s the Atlantic ocean in full effect! I’d say it was a successful day for our little fam.



24 Nov

Franklin’s first time in Boston has started out strong! The thanksgiving airport rush wasn’t too bad at 5am and jon made it through security, even though his beard makes him seem like some sort of threat. He was patted down and caressed on his inner thighs by a white haired man that he made feel terribly awkward. Leave it to jon to sexually harass a 70 year old man.
The first place we went was to George’s, my fav bfast spot north of philly. I was so overwhelmed by how good the food was, that I forgot to take a photo of Frankie freaking out over the smells and excitement of meeting her aunt alyssa.
Anyway, off to some more fun, more stories to come. Thanksgiving always has a million anecdotes.

An apple orchard? On a mountain top?

21 Nov

Anna Wonson is in town which means fun central!!! We decided to go to a apple orchard yesterday to go picking and to drink cider and eat apple cider doughnuts. This proved harder than we expected. We called and “iphoned” for about an hour until we finally decided to just take the hour and a half hike to what seemed like the closest orchard we could find, Carter Mountain Orchard. We followed signs of apples and pumpkins up a windy rocky road (no, not the ice cream), to the top of a mountain that was covered with vineyards and apple trees as far as the eye could see. There were wonderful blue mountains in every direction and the sun was getting low on the horizon.
After eating our fair share of doughnuts and we picked out 20lb pumpkins to bring home and carve. These pumpkins are double the size of my child! Needless to say, I was freaking excited!!!!!! …… So we got home late and carved pumpkins, made pumpkin seeds and ate warm apple pie. I love you fall.

Today, a year ago, you were conceived

20 Nov

It’s kinda a strange thing to think about, let alone celebrate, but get out the balloons because a year ago today Jon and I conceived Frankie! I want to celebrate her forever with kisses and excitement!

Dearest franklin,

9 Nov

You are why I exist.

First day of “winter”

8 Nov

winter breath is invisible in photographs

In my world, the first day of winter starts when i can see my breath. That happened today and boy was it a celebration! Next celebration day is the first day of “summer” when i spot my first lightening bug. (jon would be pissed, he only likes them being called fireflies!)

Black Sheep = Ginormous Sandies

7 Nov

So far I think richmond is the pits. There are some cute things to do and see but for the most part I feel like I moved to the suburbs. (I’m not a suv, Costco, mini mansion kinda gal) Let’s just say I miss philly and my Fam like woa.
But what I will say about Richmond is this…. They have fab food!!!!!
This is a sandwich from the black sheep. It is called a battleship instead of a submarine. (I’m actually not sure which is bigger. I thought subs were ginormous?!) This sandie (sandwich in my language), is the U.S.S. Virginia. It is a two foot perfectly toasted baguette with fried chicken livers, cabbage, machintosh apples and a wildly zesty sauce. If you have ever watched man vs food, you’ve definitely seen this place.
Come visit and we will go here. The Cuban Ruban makes grown men cry with delight and wonder.